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More than anything, I seek to find my Truth:

freedom from who I was

to be who I am.

Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist
Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist
Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist

I’m a midwife to projects and ideas

I am an intuitive guide & strategist. Oracle card reader, content consultant and writer. I created the card deck Sincerely, Your Intuition, the oracle card deck that I frequently use in my card readings.

My degree is in Social Work, with an emphasis on psychology. I’ve got additional training in coaching and business. And experience as a writer. My writing has been published in The Telegraph, Time Out Doha, Good Housekeeping Middle East, as well as national Swiss publications.

My work is deeply informed with tools such as archetypology, astrology, numerology, psychology, body talk, sensual perception, shadow work, spirit guides, tarot, and more.

Because everyone asks:

I am bi-lingual; I speak the language of logic and of intuition (as well as Swiss German, German and English).

I’m from the United States. I’ve lived in Germany. Have strong ties to Qatar, where I lived for 5 years & my husband currently lives. I now call Basel, Switzerland (with my 19- and 14-year old daughters) home.

I Hunt Truth

I believe it is time to reclaim our voices. To speak our truth. Out loud. First, to ourselves. And then show it in our decisions and our actions. To create a better world for us all.

I know a lot about having my truth booted down the throat hatch

Throughout my life I have been strongly influenced and have called some of the most suppressive cultures “home”: Black Bumper Mennonite, Charismatic Evangelical Christianity, stoic Swiss “shoulds”, Muslim Qatari morals.

One thing they all had in common was repression of the senses and the body, which, of course, dulls our access to the ancient wisdom of our own intuition, our own personal power source.

Social Shoulds cause back aches

Moving amongst these social “shoulds” it was easy to see that the social “shoulds” are not set in stone. That, in fact, social “shoulds” are a lot like clothes. Depending on where you live, depends on what you wear. There will always be consequences of what you choose to wear…but you get to choose.

However, most social “shoulds” are so ingrained in us that they have become like a second skin. We don’t even notice it is there. But, for many of us, right now, these “shoulds” are beginning to scratch like ill-fitting clothes. Too heavy on the shoulders. Too tight around the throat.

No wonder we all have back aches.

I’m (Not really) a psychic

No, I don’t (usually) see spirits or hear voices. But when people talk, like a skilled huntress, my senses are primed to see and think and feel things differently.

I’ve been developing my intuitive skills ever since I was a 7 year-old predicting (accurately, & apparently, annoyingly) which marriages would end in divorce. As well as knowing when someone was lying to me or something was just off.

Clairsentience & Claircognizance

Sensing & thinking are my strongest intuitive skills (with doses of seeing & hearing).

I hear cracks in words, underpinnings of a voice, and spaces held quietly between words.

Often some words will “jump” out at me. I will literally hear them louder and see them in the air. Other times a bundle of words, like an unraveling book, will form in my solar plexus and “ask” to be spoken.

Many of my clients are drawn to me because my intuition isn’t up in the clouds but very grounded and “logical”. Many of my clients are also analytical & intuitive (& highly claircognizant but just don’t realize that is how their intuition speaks).

My work is a combination of intuition meets strategy

I see relationships between things. I take in a lot of information and like a huntress I track the patterns and connect the dots. Fast.

First Clarity: I can pin down the core Truth of your situation, issue or desire and put it into clear, concise words.

Then Action: Once we have the Truth of what we’re dealing with or longing for, we can then do something with the information we’ve gleaned.

This is the feminine and masculine balance in you. The feminine informs; the masculine acts on the information.

I love being a huntress

Tracking down the social “shoulds” that are are still invisibly chained around your hips, keeping you from moving forward and unconsciously driving your decisions. I love helping you tap back into your ancient intuition, so you can shoot your truth like an arrow, straight to the heart of your work in the world.

I am a lover of words, clarity and cake

My core values are truth & freedom. My personal mission is luscious sustainability for the greater good of the Earth, the community & self.

Self-expression within community is my current growth curve.

My ideal day involves super hot coffee, trees and deep conversations. Preferably, near a mountain beach with fir trees and a thick slice of Red Velvet Cake.

Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist
Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist
Christine Gerber Rutt, Intuitive Guide & Strategist

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